Cannabis Oil Tutorial

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Cannabis Oil Tutorial
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Posted By: tomcatjones (1654 days ago)

is response to critics: We are being criticized for using a drill.
Critics are claiming the alcohol will burst into flames from mixing
with a drill. It is this simple folks, the alcohol is not volatile
until you put the heat to it. If the bucket was to burst into flames,
we would simply put the lid on it and put it out. We have excellent
ventilation and are not scared of a flammable liquid. We also have
several fire extinguishers donated to us. If you apply some common
sense, it is very simple to do this process safely.nn

Posted By: Curwen (1657 days ago)

This may not be as dangerous as BHO manufacture, but some rather
questionable practices are evident. First, they are operating indoors
with very flammable and volatile solvent. Next, the maker is standing
directly over the bucket, agitating the slurry with an electric drill.
The electric motor on that drill is probably generating a continuous
small shower of sparks as the isopropanol vaporizes. Definitely this
is a fire hazard.

Posted By: mangomaxxx (1670 days ago)

I'm really interested in this - can you comment on which strain Rick
Simpson uses and if you choose a high CBD strain. Thanks Max

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how to properly make rick simpson oil.

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